Problem tree stump?

Removing it is probably easier and more cost effective than you think…

What We Do

Perhaps you have a tree stump located in an inconvenient place, such as, in the middle of your garden, ruining the look of your lawn or causing a trip hazard, perhaps it is preventing you laying that perfect patio. You’re planning to build a fence, and of course that old tree stump is preventing you locating a fence post?

Really old stumps can rot and attract fungus and not only can this spoil the aesthetics of your garden, but it can also spread to other plants.

Our FSI B22 grinder is ideally suited to narrow access situations, and our Bandit SG40 tracked grinder is capable of removing the largest of stumps on difficult terrain. This means that we can accommodate small domestic jobs and also larger stump removal and commercial projects.

FSI B22 Stump Removal Machine - The Stump Grinder - North East-of England
Bandit SG40 Stump Removal Machine - The Stump Grinder - North East-of England

The Stump Grinding Machine works by powering a large steel disc spun at a relatively high speed with a series of projections (teeth) on the disc which when swept across the stump will cut into the wood and shave the stump. The rotation of the disc is powered by the machine’s engine.

The Stump Grinder North East covers the whole North East of England including Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Sunderland, Teesside and all surrounding areas and will normally arrange a visit without obligation in order to give an accurate quote. We have even been known to travel to the Scottish borders to undertake larger projects.